The Truth About Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs have been gaining more and more popularity in the golfing scene nowadays. Of course, with the pros, there is the matter about ego or machismo: until a few years back, hybrid clubs have been unheard of in the pro tournaments. But recently, hybrids have become star, being seen in the bags of most pros together with the high lofted woods.

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Hybrids were made incorporating the good features of both woods and iron: the big bodied-hollow heads of the woods (which enable the golfer more forgiveness as its huge face ensures that you are in the better position to hit the ball than using the bladed iron) and the shorter shafts of the iron (which actually gives the golfer more control of the club).

Aside from the greater chance of hitting the ball with the hybrid’s head because of its size there are other advantages that you get from the hybrid:

• The hybrid’s deeper heads ensures stability as the head’s concave design cups the ball as it strikes resulting in straighter shots;

• Hybrids bring the ball higher into the air giving it more spin so that the ball does not fall abruptly but falls in a slow manner. With a high trajectory though, the distance traveled is shorter, though more precise, had an iron been used.

This being said, we can safely say that the hybrid clubs do not complement the irons. In fact, they totally replace the iron. Further, there is no need to argue if woods are more superior to the hybrid because the short hybrid shafts (typical of irons) would not allow for full swings that can sweep over obstacles and roughs.

TaylorMade Golf: Ahead of Its Game

TaylorMade Golf has always been known to “exist to create performance in golf”. This if the reason why TaylorMade Golf has manufactured various clubs to fir all types of players: from the pros to the handicapped, women, juniors, and custom clubs. This is the main reason why more and more golfers switch to TaylorMade: they manufacture always having their customers in mind.

GolfOne good example would be its hybrid clubs. We already know that these clubs give the greatest advantage in the fairways as they incorporate the best features of the wood (its big head) and the irons’ shaft (relatively shorter than the wood) This re-engineering ensures the high probability of the golf ball being hit right smack in the middle of the face and the ball being hit to the right direction by way of control given by the shorter shaft.

However, given already these advantages, TaylorMade Golf has moved a notch higher, addressing differences in launch conditions. A 3 degree loft sleeve adjusts your club’s hit accordingly.

Four elements affect launch conditions in golf and they are:

• Club speed: This is the speed of the club head once it strikes the ball and which on the other hand is dependent on the speed of your swing;

• Ball Speed: This is the sped of the ball as it gets away from the club. This is dependent on the force of the golfer’s swing and the kinetic energy transferred to the ball.

• Launch Angle: This is the angle created as the ball leaves the club face: vertically and horizontally. When the club is just on the ground, it is called static loft.
However, as soon as the golfer starts to swing the club, the loft of the face becomes higher so that energy on impact gets higher as well.

If the center of gravity is far back, in the club head, this also causes the     shaft to “bow” back so the resulting strike on the ball would be much harder.

• Spin Rate: This is the number of spins that a ball makes per minute as it leaves the club. This spin rate of the ball, which is dependent on the center of gravity, will determine how long the ball will be in the air.

Golf ClubsIn the past, experience has shown that the 17 degree loft with a spin rate of about 1,700 rpm, will produce the greatest distance. However, there are still other factors which also play a significant role in determining distance and they are swing speed and center of gravity. Thus for slow club swingers, it is important for them to determine where the center of gravity is to control spin rate and to hit the ball while the club is on its way up.

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How to Be A Better Article Writer

        writing styleLet’s say you have managed to become a full-fledged article writer. You’ve registered at a reputable agency or company, and you’ve even completed a few writing assignments that resulted in a bit of additional income. And now, you’ve gotten the hang of doing your research and then condensing all that you’ve learned into a neat 500-word article or thereabouts.

        Still, there is always room for improvement. Even the best article writer out there could benefit from the following tips for upping your writing game:

  1. Read great articles. Virtually all the best writers started out by reading someone else’s great work, forming a template inspired by such, and then eventually finding their own style or voice. The truth is, you will not be able to create good articles without first knowing what they look like.

The Internet is littered with great material that you can read for free. You can try reading blogs that have quite an impressive following, free electronic books (E-books) written by renowned authors, and even news articles that crop up on your search engine.

Whatever you choose to read, don’t just focus on the content. Analyze the author’s writing style and flow as well. You may just find your work significantly improving almost effortlessly after you’ve spent a few days reading some very good material.

  1. Develop your own writing ritual. Particularly, discover when you are able to write the most productively. If you are a morning person, you may find that spending an hour on the keyboards shortly after a healthy breakfast generally results in better output. If you are a night person, by contrast, you may find it easier to focus on your work without the usual bevy of distractions that can hound you in the day.

The sooner you can find the most opportune time to write, the better you can condition your mind to get into “work” mode and the easier it will be for the words to flow.

  1. Remove the distractions. Even the most conscientious article writer can get tempted to procrastinate. Sometimes, a particularly complex writing assignment can prove overwhelming and you may look around to find something else to do in order to put off actually working on the latter.

To help you focus better, you can do a few simple steps to declutter your work space. Turn off the television (or better yet, work in a room without one), put your mobile phone and email alerts in discreet or silent mode, clear away your desk so you can deal with all the piles of paperwork later once you’ve finished.

  1. Strive for brevity. Long sentences filled with jargon are often frowned upon by clients. They tend to muck up the overall message, so stick to using a few well-chosen words instead.

Opt for shorter sentences with stronger verbs. Use fewer words with more impact. This is not to say that you should get rid of longer sentences entirely (you do need them for variety and they are necessary in some cases), but you should also train yourself to keep things simple and concise on the whole.

  1. Go for a strong beginning and end. For any article writer, hooking your reader from the first word and leaving them mulling over your last sentence are equally important. For a reader to get to the point where they want more of your writing, they need to get hooked first so make sure that your first sentence (and those succeeding it) will entice them to move on to the next.

Conclusions should provide closure, but should also leave the reader with something to wonder about or question long after they’ve read the article.